Nevada State Register of Historic Places

These listings are valid through 2008. 

NR = Listed in the cheapest viagra homepage National Register of Historic Places
NHL = National Historic landmark



Type of Entry

Date Entered

Brougher Mansion (NR)
204 W. Spear Street
Building 03/04/81
Carson Brewing Company (NR)
102 N. Division Street
Building 03/04/81
Carson City Post Office (NR)
401 N. Carson Street
Building 03/04/81
Carson Hot Springs
1500 Hot Springs Road
Building 12/01/04
Governor's Mansion (NR)
606 Mountain Street
Building 03/04/81
Lakeview House (NR)
U.S. 395 south of East Lake Boulevard
Building 03/04/81
McKeen Motor Car #70 (NR)
2180 S. Carson Street
Object 12/07/05
Meder, Lew House (NR)
308 N. Nevada Street
Building 03/04/81
Nevada State Capitol (NR)
101 N. Carson Street
Building 03/04/81
Nevada State Printing Office
101 S. Fall Street (NR)
Building 03/04/81
Governor Nye's Mansion (NR)
108 N. Minnesota Street
Building 03/04/81
Ormsby-Rosser House (NR)
304 S. Minnesota Street
Building 03/04/81
Rinckel Mansion (NR)
102 N. Curry Street, Carson City
Building 03/04/81
Roberts, James D., House (NR)
1217 N. Carson Street
Building 03/04/81
St. Charles-Muller Hotel (NR)
302-304-310 S. Carson Street
Building 06/05/81
Sears-Ferris House (NR)
311 West Third Street
Building 03/04/81
U.S. Mint (NR)
600 N. Carson Street
Building 03/04/81
V&T Combination Car #21 (NR)
2180 S. Carson Street
Object 03/04/81
V&T Locomotives (NR)
(Dayton & Inyo)
2180 S. Carson Street
Objects 03/04/81
Churchill County Courthouse
10 W. Williams Avenue, Fallon
Building 12/11/01
Churchill County Jail
10 W. Williams Avenue, Fallon
Building 12/11/01
Cold Springs (NR) Site


The Cottage Schools

255 E. Stillwater, Fallon

Building 06/20/08
Douglass, R.L., House
10 S. Carson Street, Fallon
Building 06/12/01
Fallon City Hall
55 West Williams Street, Fallon
Building 09/08/04
Grimes Point (NR) Site 03/04/81
Harmon School (NR)
NW corner of buy viagra china Kirn and N. Harmon Roads, Fallon
Building 02/10/88
Hazen Store
600 Reno Highway, Hazen
Building 12/01/04
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
507 Churchill Street, Fallon
Building 03/12/03
Overland Hotel
125 E. Center Street, Fallon
Building 11/04/99
Sand Springs Pony Express
Station (NR)
Site 03/04/81
U.S. Post Office Building
90 North Maine Street, Fallon (NR)
Building 06/07/06
Boulder City Hospital
701 Park Place, Boulder City
Building 06/05/81
Boulder Dam Hotel (NR)
1305 Arizona Street, Boulder City
Building 06/05/81
Huntridge Theater (NR)
1208 E. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas
Building 01/15/99
Las Vegas Mormon Fort (NR)
500 E. Washington Boulevard, Las Vegas
Building 03/04/81
Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse
301 East Stewart Street,  Las Vegas
Building 05/15/02
Las Vegas Springs (NR) Site 03/04/81
LDS Moapa Stake Office Building
161 West Virginia Street, Overton
Building 06/11/02
Logandale Elementary School
State Highway 169 at West Gann Road, Logandale
Building 01/15/99
Morelli House
814 Bridger Avenue, Las Vegas
Building 10/01/01
Overton Gymnasium
N. Thomas Avenue off S. Anderson, Overton
Building 06/12/01

Pioneer Saloon

310 W Spring St,Goodsprings

Building 12/03/07
Sandstone Ranch (NR)
20 miles SW of Las Vegas
District 03/04/81
Sloan Petroglyphs (NR) Site 03/04/81
Tule Springs (NR) Site 03/04/81
St. Thomas Memorial Cemetery
Magnasite Road off Moapa Valley Blvd., Overton
Site 12/01/04
Westside School (NR)
Washington and D Streets, Las Vegas
Building 03/04/81
Bliss Boat House
1951 Glenbrook Road, Glenbrook
Building 02/10/88
Brown, George House
1452 Main Street, Gardnerville
Building 06/14/88
Carson Valley Hospital (NR)
1466 U.S. 395, Gardnerville
Building 03/04/81
Dangberg House
1600 Sixth Street, Minden
Building 09/17/87
Farmers' Bank of Carson Valley
1596 Esmeralda Avenue, Minden
Building 02/25/00
Gale, Lena N. (Good Medicine) Cabin
726 Cedar Street, Zephyr Cove
Building 03/20/01
Gardnerville Branch Jail
1440 Courthouse Street, Gardnerville
Building 03/12/03
Genoa Historic District (NR)
7 miles NW of Minden on NV 57
District 03/04/81
Lake Shore House (NR)
Glenbrook Road, Glenbrook
Building 06/05/81
Minden Flour Milling Company
Sixth Street and U.S. 395, Minden (NR)
Building 03/04/81
Reese-Johnson-Virgin House
193 Genoa Lane, Genoa
Building 06/08/04
Walley's Hot Springs
State Route 206, 2 miles S. of Genoa
Building 06/05/81
Commercial Hotel
345 Fourth Street, Elko
Building 06/07/84
Henderson Bank Building
401 Railroad Street, Elko
Building 06/07/84
Metropolis Dam
10.5 miles north of Wells
Structure 06/18/82
Midas Schoolhouse
Second Street, 2 blocks east of Main Street, Midas
Structure 06/08/04
Ruby Valley Pony Express
Station (NR)
1515 Idaho Street, Elko
Building 03/04/81
Skelton Hotel
Building 03/04/81
Goldfield Hotel
S.E. corner of Crook Avenue and
Columbus Street, Goldfield
Building 03/04/81
Goldfield Historic District (NR)
Roughly bounded by Fifth Street, Elliott, Myers and medication online viagra Crystal Avenues,
Miner Avenue, Hall and Sundog Avenues, Goldfield
District 12/07/05
Eureka Historic District (NR) District 03/04/81
Applegate-Lassen Trail (NR)
From Rye Patch NW to state line
District 03/04/81
Golconda School (NR)
55 South Morrison, Golconda
Building 06/07/06
Record, W.C., House (NR)
146 W. Second Street, Winnemucca
Building 03/04/81
Winnemucca Hotel (NR)
95 S. Bridge Street, Winnemucca
Building 04/05/05
Austin Historic District (NR) District 03/04/81
Lander County High School Building
130 Sixth Street, Austin
Building 06/05/00
St. Augustine's Catholic Church
113 Virginia Street, Austin
Building 04/05/05
Smith (Scott) Hotel
Corner of Front and Spring Streets, Caliente
Building 04/05/91
White River Narrows (NR) Site 03/04/81
Caples, Robert House
175 Silver Street, Dayton
Building 12/14/06
Chinese Residence
65 E. Silver Street, Dayton
Building 03/16/90
East Walker River
Petroglyphs (NR)
Site 03/04/81
Fernley Community Church
80 South Center Street, Fernley
Building 03/12/03
Fernley-Lassen Railway Depot (NR)
675 East Main Street, Fernley
Building 9/18/00
Fort Churchill (NR)
U.S. 95A, 8 miles SW of U.S. 50
Site 03/04/81
Stockton Well Station
Spruce Avenue, Silver Springs
Site 10/21/94
Hawthorne U.S.O. Building (NR)
950 E Street, Hawthorne
Building 03/03/04
Mineral County Courthouse
551 C Street, Hawthorne (NR)
Building 06/05/81
Sixth Street School
Sixth and C Streets, Hawthorne
Building 08/28/99
Belmont Historic District
46 miles NE of Tonopah, off Nevada 82 (NR)
District 03/04/81
Berlin Historic District (NR)
Off Nevada 23
District 03/04/81
El Rancho Gardens
3461A/B N. Barney Street, Pahrump
Building 06/05/98
James Wild Horse Trap (NR)
About 5 miles east of Fish Springs
Site 03/04/81
Manhattan School (NR)
Gold Avenue, Manhattan
Building 06/07/06
Mizpah Hotel (NR)
100 Main Street, Tonopah
Building 03/04/81
Mizpah Mine
Site 06/05/81
Tom Kelly Bottle House Chico Street, Rhyolite Building 04/05/91
Tybo Charcoal Ovens (NR)
About 55 miles NE of Tonopah, off U.S. 6
Structures 03/04/81
Marzen House (NR)
South of Lovelock
Building 06/05/81
Rye Patch
Archeological Site (NR)
Site 03/04/81
Thunder Mountain Monument
Structure 09/25/92
Virginia City Historic
District (NR/NHL)
District 03/04/81
Alamo Ranch House (NR)
20205 S. Virginia Street, Steamboat
Building 03/04/81
Bank of Sparks Building
948 Victorian Avenue, Sparks
Building 06/14/07
Bowers Mansion (NR)
19 miles S. of Reno, off U.S. 395
Building 03/04/81
Coney Island Bar
2644 Prater Way, Sparks
Building 06/14/07
Derby Dam
19 miles east of Sparks
Structure 03/04/81
Dow House
935 Jones Street, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Emmanuel First Baptist
412 12th Street, Sparks
Building 02/10/88
First Church of Christ
501 Riverside Drive, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Francovich House
708 Center Street, Reno
Building 02/10/88
Luella Garvey House
589-599 California Avenue, Reno
Building 12/12/03
Glendale School (NR)
Victorian Square, B Street, Sparks
Building 03/04/81
Hawkins House (NR)
549 Court Street, Reno
Building 03/04/81
HicMc, Inc.
824 Holcomb Avenue, Reno
Building 06/11/87
Knight House
615 Jones Street, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Lake Mansion (NR)
250 Court Street, Reno (moved July 2004)
Building 03/04/81
Landon House
542 Lander Street, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Landrum's Hamburger System No. 1 (NR)
1300 S. Virginia Street, Reno
Building 01/31/84
Lund Apartments
29 E. Ninth Street, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Mill Valley School House
Building 06/11/81
Miller-Rowe/Holgate House (NR)
18 Winter Street, Reno
Building 04/05/05
Morrill Hall (NR)
University of Nevada-Reno campus
Building 03/04/81
Railroad Depot (NR)
325 E. Fourth Street, Reno
Building 03/04/81
Locomotive and Machine Shop (NR)
401 E. Fourth Street, Reno
Building 06/18/81
Newlands Mansion (NR)
7 Elm Court, Reno
Building 03/04/81
Nystrom Guest House
333 Ralston Street, Reno
Building 02/25/00
Patrick Ranch House
1225 Gordon Avenue, Reno
Building 03/12/03
Phillips Ranch
1907 S. Arlington Avenue, Reno
Building 06/05/81
Pioneer Theater-Auditorium (NR)
100 South Virginia Street, Reno
Building 09/08/04
Postmann House
105 Vine Street, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Rainier Brewing Company
Bottling Plant (NR)
310 Spokane Street, Reno
Building 03/04/81
Robison House
409 13th Street, Sparks
Building 06/07/06
Safeway Store Building
440-490 N. Virginia Street, Reno
Building 03/20/01
Sherman, Mary House
847 N. Center Street, Reno
Building 09/18/98
Steamboat Hot Springs
16010 S. Virginia Street, Reno
District 06/05/98
Washoe County Bank Building
195 N. Virginia Street, Reno
Building 12/12/03
Washoe County Courthouse
117 S. Virginia Street, Reno
Building 11/04/99
John Wieland Bottling Works and Beer Depot
251 Ralston Street, Reno
Building 06/18/81
Young House
547 Ralston Street, Reno
Building 12/28/82
Areline's (Whore House)
200 13th Street, East Ely
Building 04/07/89
Collins Hotel
612 Aultman Street, Ely
Building 06/11/87
Lehman Orchard/Aqueduct (NR)
Lehman Caves National Monument
Site 03/04/81
Rhodes Cabin (NR)
Lehman Caves National Monument
Building 03/04/81
Sunshine Locality (NR) Site 03/04/81
Ward Charcoal Ovens (NR) Structures 03/04/81