The Nevada Site Stewardship Program



Nevada has a rich and intriguing past, including more than 10,000 years of cultural history and 540 million years of paleontological deposits. As Nevada’s population continues to press into public lands, it is more important than ever to protect Nevada’s cultural and paleontological resources from vandalism, looting, natural damage, and other inadvertent activities. Federal and state land managers need your help to monitor and protect archaeological and paleontological sites so they are preserved for future generations to enjoy.



Statement of Purpose

The Nevada Site Stewardship Program is a state sponsored program consisting mainly of volunteer citizens committed to protecting Nevada’s cultural heritage. Preservation is accomplished through educating volunteer site stewards to assist land managers in monitoring archaeological, historic, and paleontological resources across the state.  These stewards are tasked with reporting the destruction, vandalism or degradation of sites through regularly scheduled site visits.
Volunteer site stewards in the Nevada Site Stewardship Program work toward the following goals:
(1) To preserve archaeological, historic, and paleontological resources for the purposes of conservation, scientific study, interpretation, and their significance to the Native peoples. 
(2) To increase public awareness of the significance and value of cultural resources through education and outreach.

(3) To promote the acceptance and reinforcement of national, state, and local preservation laws and regulations.
(4) To discourage site vandalism as well as the illegal trafficking of antiquities and scientifically crucial paleontological materials. 
(5) To promote understanding, cooperation and partnerships between the participating federal agencies, Native Americans and concerned citizens and to encourage respect and conservation of traditional lands and archaeological resources.
(6) To assist public land managers with site surveys, document and report new discoveries, and monitor existing sites selected for stewardship.
To reach the Nevada Site Stewardship Program please contact Samantha Rubinson at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or at (702) 486-5011.