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Nevada has installed over 260 roadside markers that bring attention to Nevada's heritage.  In 1967, the Nevada State Legislature initiated the marker program to commemorate events as well as places as diverse as the Old Spanish Trail through Southern Nevada, the story of Diamondfield Jack Davis in Jackpot, and the great train robbery in Verdi.

The State Historic Preservation Office thanks the Nevada Department of Transportation which has contributed considerable funding to maintain the markers. This support is critical – particularly in the face of budget cuts – to protect these markers. No other state agency has given greater financial support than the Department of Transportation as we cooperatively seek to promote Nevada tourism.

Over the years, the State Historic Preservation Office has decommissioned some markers because vandalism persists at certain sites or because marking some locations no longer seems appropriate for various reasons. Most markers were installed over thirty years ago and need to be updated. For example, today, we celebrate that everyone living in this great state is a Nevadan, and markers should not convey how “we” viewed “them” in the past.

Because many markers need considerable changes, the State Historic Preservation Office staff decided to post language that can be used in the future to update the markers in the field. The language presented on this site, for the most part, presents the goal that is to be attained. The text plates in the field will be updated as funding allows. Given the current situation, that effort may take longer than all concerned would like, unless private parties donate the support needed to fix antiquated markers.

In the past, the State Historic Preservation Office welcomed applications for new markers, but due to budget cuts in 2009 that part of the program is now dormant: new markers will not be installed until state support for the program can resume.