Comstock Historic District Commission

The Comstock Historic District Commission was created by Nevada Revised Statute 384 and dates to 1969. The state agency encourages the preservation and promotion of historic resources with the Virginia City National Landmark District, which the state refers to as the Comstock Historic District.  The Commission provides permits for projects dealing with the exteriors of all buildings within the district, the construction of new structures, and work affecting pavement or fencing.  The Commission also takes a proactive role in encouraging archaelogical investigations and cemetery restoration within the district.
Commission Members


  • Joseph Curtis, Chair
  • Nancy Cleaves
  • Karyn de Dufour
  • Calvin Dillon
  • Ray Fierro
  • Julie Workman
  • Marshall McBride
  • Darrin Berger
  • Mike Marigold


Next Meeting: September 8, 2014 - Click here to view agenda


Comstock Design Guidelines